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Is Islam Really A Free Religious Choice In The Middle East?.


Through our silence and ignorance, Islam will continue to make inroads into education, the government, the legal system, and so on, making it possible for Muslims to receive special treatment not given to people of other faiths. America will continue to offer appeasements supposedly in the name of cultural sensitivity, and in doing so will only end up lending credibility and respectability not just to Muslims in general, but also to the more radical Muslim elements who are eager to see shariah law practiced in America, among other things.

Make no mistake about the objectives of Islamists, in the words of ISIS, nothing short of a Caliphate, to force Islam and Sharia upon the World, is acceptable.

For truth and fact all one has to do is to Goggle “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood”, the most influential Islamist terrorist group in the World. Back in 2004, a trove of documents intended for the Muslim Brotherhood eyes only, was obtained by the FBI. One of the documents was written by Mohamed Akram, who headed up the Muslim Brotherhood at that time and said:

“The Brotherhood must understand that their work in America is a king of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Again, in its own words, the Muslim Brotherhood sees its work as “a kind of grand jihad…eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within” The Muslim Brotherhood express purpose is twofold: to implement shariah worldwide, and to establish the global Islamic State (caliphate). Thus, ultimately, the Brotherhood has the same objectives as the terrorist groups al-Qaeda and Hamas, and ISIS.

Keep in mind, in America, there are more then 100 “front organizations” of the Muslim Brotherhood, that have infiltrated, our towns, cities, schools, universities, and textbooks, legal system, and even our own government, with their version of stealth jihad, to destroy us from within. The “Project” has been around now for over two decades as the Muslim Brotherhood “master plan”.

Three of the best known front groups are CAIR and Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and Muslim Student Association (MSA). The hopes of the Brotherhood is that the West will be so focused on halting terrorism that it will turn a blind eye to all the other ways Islam is altering America. “Stealth Jihad” has successfully penetrated the highest levels of the American government, national security, and even the military. (For more on this see the book “Shariah The Threat to america”)

What does Shariah Law permit?
1. The killing of Muslims who leave Islam.
2. Views women as inferior to men.
3. Gives husband permission to beat their wives.
4. Allows parents to kill their children “so called honor killings”
5. Permits the marriage of girls as young as eight or nine.
6. Asserts Islam is superior to all other religions, cultures, government and society.

This simple list of dictates should clue us to the fact that “Islam and western-style democracy can never co-exist in harmony” That is why from the Islamists perspective, the ideal would be for shariah to supersede all Western laws.

It is important to understand and follow the money. That Saudi Arabia follows the extreme form of Islam called “Wahhabism”. The Saudi royal family supports it 100%. They donate huge sums of money to schools and universities in America, to control the textbooks and agenda and teaching. They want to show at every instance, Islam in a more favorable light. “Saudi Wahhabism fuels a fiery hatred for the West’s religious tolerance. In short, from the Wahabis perspective, there is no room for moderation.

We are now approaching over 2500 Mosques in america, along with 2.7 million Muslims here in the USA. The Mosques can be used for converting homegrown terrorists, as is the case in the Boston Marathon bombing. Anwar al-Awlaki, former known Taliban terrorist who preached a hateful ideology at inciting violence against America was an Inman at a Mosque in Virginia. How many more “Awlaki’s” are being breed in the Mosques in America today? They are expected to double or triple in the next decade. How many will preach hate and destruction against America?

Islam is a political ideology’ it is the antithesis of a free society.

I have no issue with the peaceful Muslims that wants to integrate into our culture and follow our laws. The problem lies in that the militant Muslims dominates and wants to force Islam and Sharia law upon us all. Just look at ISIS, now seeking control of Iraq. They murder all non believers and infidels in their tracks. The Caliphate is alive and well with these known terrorists. The laws of Saudi Arabia demand that the death penalty be imposed for any Muslim who converts to another religion.

So called “moderate Muslims” are hesitant to speak out against fundamental violent Muslims, as occasionally one does and they are threatened, intimidated, forced to change their names for protection, have fatwas put on them and even killed.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, former Muslim speaking from personal experience says it best, “Just like Nazism started with Hitler’s vision, the Islamic vision is a Caliphate–a society ruled by Sharia law. Violence is inherent in Islam–it’s a destructive nihilistic cult of death, and legitimizes murder.

Why should America be forced into adapting to their culture? This is America; we should not have to change one iota to accommodate them. Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men”. It’s time to be concerned America. Enough is Enough.

Over 500,000 Muslim refugees manly from Somalia under the refugee immigrant resettlement program are being relocated throughout America to a town or city near you. The massive immigration coming across our own borders is a whole other issue and topic.
Did you vote for that?

Awareness is the issue folks, put the word out. Most families are simply far too busy just trying to survive , working two jobs, raising their children and do not have a clue what is taking place with Islam and Sharia law in America. Our mainstream news will not inform you, nor will our own government, due to “political correctness” and not wanting to offend Muslims or Islam.

One only has to visit London or Paris to see the effect of Islam and Sharia law has on those cities. Massive immigration and the growth of the Mosques is literally destroying Europe. When Jews, Christians, Priests, Infidels, Non Believers are being murdered and Churches are being burned down, where is the condemnation for the nearly 3 million Muslims that are here in America? For the majority of them there is total silence and few condemn the atrocities that continue to go on in Europe, and the ISIS Caliphate going on right now. That alone speaks volumes on their real intent.

Europe has perhaps lost the battle all ready and America will be next. What you do today will affect your children and grandchildren and future generations of America yet unborn. One generation of silence on the issue due to political correctness is all it takes. In fact Islam is trying to make it a crime, to have any form of criticism against their religion.

Stand up today and be counted to defeat this real threat upo America. Voice your opinion, let your congressmen, senators, and school boards, know how you feel on the issue. Forget about being labeled and do what is right for your children, grandchildren and future generations of America. We need a permanent solution, time is running out. Let us not become the next Europe.

The majority of the Japanese, did not want war. The majority of the Germans, did not want war. The sad fact is that the militant minority controlled the majority, because of the silence of the majority. Don’t let that happen in America folks, speak out.

As for me I refuse to be silent on the issue of the 21st century, Islam and Sharia law. My goal is to inform 1 million+ people on the Muslim Brotherhood. Will you help get the word out and pass this along. Thanks.

One of the greatest threats to America is Qatar and Saudi oil money buying influence in the World, every chance it gets.  Qatar is a devoutly Wahhabi Muslim country. They have huge political influence, spending vast millions on Sunni causes around the Middle East, lavishing support on Libyan and Syrian Rebels, Hamas in Gaza and the muslim Brotherhood.

All one has to do is google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” and read their secret doctrine to destroy America from within, by stealth jihad, lies and deception.  America is asleep on the issue of how destructive any follower of Wahhabi is. A simple google search will reveal the horrors of that form of Islam.  You can read about Qatar’s buying spree for influence in the World.. Just two examples in America would be 1. $620 million to develop CityCenterDC and 2. Ownership of Al Jazeera America, with their headquarters in downtown Manhattan. Qatar’s global reach and influence has spread so quickly that it is difficult to fully grasp its dimensions, other than an impression that with money anything is possible. (Time magazine ran an article about Qatar in the September 2, 2013 issue of Fortune)  For political correctness they did not go into the evils of followers of Wahhabi.

“Boko Haram” who recently took the girls follows Wahhabi.  They would like to kill all Christians.  The mainstream news did not mention that the girls were all Christians.  How sad.  Perhaps, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, has said it best “Violence is inherent in Islam”.  She speaks from personal experience as a former Muslim along with “Malala”.(Malala was shot in the face for trying to give girls an education)  She now speaks out against radical Islam and Sharia every change she gets. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights and especially for Muslim women to get an education. Islam could learn a lot from both “Malala” and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, they are an inspiration for all women to follow.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, has won every debate with so called Muslim scholars as to “whether or not Islam is a religion of peace”  It is NOT.

Ayaan has been accused of hate speech and has death threats on her life, merely for telling the truth. Why doesn’t the moderate Muslims do away with Sharia, so violent and unfair toward women? They are silent on this issue and do nothing. Even now in 2014, at a college in California that gives degrees for Muslim Leadership, they allow Isam Suhaib Webb on their staff. He joined Al Qaeda and worked with Anwar Awlaki. (Awlaki was killed by a US drone) How is he even allowed in our Country? Suddenly, he is a moderate Muslim? Bayan Claremont college is developing the future leaders of the Muslim community in America, with Suhaib Webb on its staff, how sad. There should be an uproar and more investigation on the backgrounds of some of the staff there. Salam Al Marayati, another who has defends terrorist acts and the groups who carry them out. For sure there are “peace loving Muslims here in America” not all are terrorists. I would ask them to speak out and align with Ayaan Hirsi Ali and ban Sharia Law. Dr. Asifa Quraishi Landes also on the staff at Bayan Claremont, is a strong advocate for Sharia, what else do they teach at this college? I assume she does not support women’s right either? Can you imagine what kind of Muslim leaders are produced at this college.?

The so called moderate Muslims should speak out and eliminate Sharia from Islam, what a contribution that would be. However their silence speaks volumes.   Feel free to comment.