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This eleven year old little leaguer could use your help, support, donations and prayers.  Dillion O Leary, was playing little league baseball for his home team in Pleasanton, California.  For some unknown reason he just collapsed at home plate, passed out and has not regained consciousness .  Dillion was transported by Helicopter to Oakland Children’s hospital, where he is fighting for his life in a coma.

The local channel 2 did an interview that you can click on the link below and review.

So many people have helped Dillion and his family from all around the World, would you please join and help also? I often think what if this was my son, grandson or close neighbor, what would I do?  Donations have been coming in from around the World, some children raised $11.00 from sale of lemonade for Dillion, an elderly lady gave $6.00 of her social security check and will give another $6.00 next month.  This is real folks, not a scam, so if you can help via prayers, support or donation.  Thank you and God Bless you.

Please pass this site along to as many family members and friends you have.


Lets get to the “heart of the problems”  with Islam and Sharia law in America today.  In fact were go right to your “jugular vein” with this  quote from former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who speaks from her heart and personal experience. You may have heard of her, she was recently in the news, Fox news covered the story, where at Brandeis university, they sent her an invitation for an honorary degree, then withdrew it. She now devotes her time to womens rights, and to stop Islam and Sharia law from changing America. Ayaan has won every debate on the subject “is Islam a religion of peace”. Answer NO.

“Violence is inherent in Islam–its a destructive nihilistic cult of death–it legitimizes murder”

In many Islam countries today, Christians are given three options: 1. Pay for the privilege of living under the Caliphate or 2. Convert to Islam. 3. Face the sword.  That is the Islamic state of Iraq today and Syria. (Time magazine April 2014)

Islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy all governments made by man.  The goal of Islam is to rule the entire World and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam and Sharia Law, any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal, Islam will fight and destroy. The Quran, unlike the Bible calls for political movement for which all Muslims must fight, kill, and subjugate those of other faiths until Islam rules the World.

Islam and Sharia law will come to America in one generation by the stealth invasion equivalent to a modern version of the “Trojan Horse”, by Muslim immigration.  Everywhere you look there are problems with Islam. Unless good men and woman speak up now, it will only get worse.

Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men”.  When our mainstream news will not inform you of one of the main issues of the 21st Century, due to political correctness, then it’s time not to be silent anymore. Europe is committing social suicide using the rope of political correctness, and America is not far behind.

Europe could not imagine what would happen to them when they opened their borders to Muslims, three generations ago. But today, third generation radicals are overtaking Western Europe with a militant extremist agenda. Europe was just a blueprint for the eventual cultural collision planned for America, and its already arrived at a city near you.  Make no mistake about it, terrorists, cleverly disguised behind the freedoms they enjoy here, are living amongst us. Sharia law has already been approved in London courts.

Islamic domination and expansion through their Mosques is their goal. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia forbids any church or synagogues, except Islamic, so why should America permit the building of more Mosques here. Talk about justice and fair play? One must remember that Islam is not a religion.  It is not peaceful. Obviously they use our 1st amendment to further their Islam doctrine. (Which incidentally is not a religion but a political ideology, that they want to impose on the World along with Sharia)

Muslim refugees from Somalia and other “warzones” to the tune of 500,000 being relocated to America is the issue. The Boston bombers came to America through this refugee immigration policy!  Forget about being labeled a racist, bigot or being politically correct, silence won’t turn back the tide. It is not bigotry to resist cultural jihad. This immigration is a real and growing and is a threatening danger to America. Just look at Europe today folks. 60 million Muslims immigrated to Europe and 80% are on some sort of public assistance, bankrupting the towns, cities and countries. Due to Muslim immigration France is now bankrupt and a welfare State.  Is America next?

Switzerland voted last month to cap immigration, which, unchecked could leave indigenous Swiss a minority in 50 years or less.  It has not become part of a political debate yet.  Why isn’t it?  In America, the foreign born population is now estimate to be around 13%, and it’s rising every year.  This poses existential problems, particularly since the concept of “melting” into American culture was junked long ago–along with “American culture”

The Obama administration, through executive orders and directives has “already granted de facto amnesty to millions of illegal U.S. residents”  Among which is the 500,000+ refugees from Somalia and Middle East over the next 5 years.  Did you vote for that? What a way to lose the World-the “Western” world, where this same  pattern repeats almost everywhere.

Is it “fear” and “scaremongering” to point this out?  Is it “racism” to oppose the demographic obliteration of a nation clearly underway?Anyone who criticizes the jihadic doctrine behind the hundreds of wars across the world is a “racist-islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot.” But people are getting wise — and fed up with the elite media, academic and political quislings who serve our enemies

The time has come to speak up and take a stand , for America.  Awareness is the issue as most families are simply far too busy, working two jobs, raising their children and do not have a clue or the time to research the issue. Islamic forces are destroying Europe; they’re in a fight for survival. The root cause is the inevitable consequences of multiculturalism and immigration plus the alarming birthrate of Muslims now an average of 8.1 children in each Muslim family. Europe has literally been invaded. Europe will become an Islamic state due to the immigration and sheer birthrate of Muslims.

“TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” you will find that this is their doctrine to destroy America and West from within by stealth jihad, and lies. They call it “Taqiyya” for lies and deception,  Guess what, the doctrine is over 20 years old, and they are making substantial progress.  We are now approaching 2400 Mosques  and increase of over 77%  from just ten years ago. along with approximately 2.7 million Muslims here in America.

“We will conquer Europe! (They are almost there) We will conquer America! Not through the sword but through Dawa (proselytizing) Yosuf-alQarawi, Muslim Brotherhood.”

“We love death more than you love life.” Quoted from the Fort Hood massacre killer.  Islamists seek civilization Jihad and will not stop as they literally follow the Quran. Although you can find peaceful passages, the Quran speaks violence throughout it. It is no Bible. Including death to non believers and death to those that leave Islam.

The unfair treatment of women and honor killings speaks volumes on their “so called peaceful religion”. Just Google “malala” a inspiration for all  woman.  Recently, Megan Kelly of fox news showed a video on the serious of the problem with “honor killings” by Muslims.  Did you see it? Also Ayaan hirsi Al;i, a former Muslim has spoken out against Islam and Sharia law, to protect women and children. And of course the latest Hollywood protest, with Jay Leno and women, denouncing Sharia Law and the terrible tragedy of the 200 girls that were recently  taken my militant Islamists.  Main stream news has been “afraid” to address the issue until now, of  the Sharia issue.


Massive immigration and multiculturalism is literally destroying most of Europe today.  There are plenty of “Islamic No Go Zones”, within France, England and Germany, where police cannot enter.  Take a look around you Dearborn, Michigan, Maine, Tennessee, Minnesota,  Colorado, California, New York has the majority of Somalia refugees and a Congressman was allowed to take his oath on the Quran. refused the Bible.  for examples of the immigration resettlement program, and very soon coming to your State.  Over 90% of them are illiterate and in need of public assistance. Have you been to Paris or Sweden recently? Immigration is bankrupting much of Europe.

No doubt there are good Muslims in the World, and hopefully one day there will be enough of them educated to leave their so called religion of peace.  That day is a long, long way off, if at all

I have no problem with the “peaceful Muslims” that wants to integrate into our culture and follow our laws.  The problem lies in Islam and that the militant Muslims dominate the peaceful ones and eventually wants to force Islam and Sharia law upon us all.   They agitate and campaign to dominate the rest. Why should America be forced into adapting to their culture?  They must adapt to our culture. The Boston bombers were motivated by extreme militant Islamic beliefs. Our mainstream news is in denial of the danger of understating the issue of the Muslim/Islam problem in America today.  Many of the Mosques are breeding grounds for home grown terrorists.  Today in our prisons over 18% of the prison population are being converted to Islam by recruitment by extremists.  Islam berg, in New York is a breeding ground for over 30 militant training compounds in America today.

The media has yet to uncover the truth. For the truth is that there are no so called “moderate” Muslims. “ Islam is one religion following Koran and Sunna” I have also read the Koran cover to cover. It is not a peaceful religion as they would have you believe. Their simply is no moderate Islam period. Ayaan Hirsi Ali would be the authority for this, as she is a former Muslim and speaks from personal experience.

Sad to say, they are making inroads into every facet of our lives and trying to change our culture, under the guise of the first amendment.  Already, they are changing our schools, universities, cities, towns and even our own government has been infiltrated.  They want Sharia law and will stop at nothing to see that it happens. School textbooks are being changed to put Islam in a more favorable light.  Have you been to a school board meeting recently? Food menus are being changed to accommodate all of them. And they are trying to change a video  at the 9/11 museum to show Islam in a more favorable light. They want to change history. Ridiculous.

The Saudis “oil money” contributes to schools, universities and politicians so they can put Islam in a more favorable light in America.  Their intent is to destroy us from within, not by “war” but rather by stealth jihad and intentional deception and front organizations like “CAIR” who support Hamas. They are gradually succeeding folks. There are now over 50 Islamic organizations within our own borders. Concessions made to Muslims are growing everyday in America. You are just not aware or do not care. Recently, in a Catholic University, a group of Muslims is suing  for discriminating against them for not allowing them to “pray” in a room without a crucifixion, how absurd, let them go elsewhere. Another Muslim group is suing because they don’t like Easter Egg hunts, ridiculous as that might seem, they simply will not adapt to our culture, they want us to adapt to their culture.  I say if you do not want to adapt to America, then go back to Europe.

The Muslim Brotherhood is alive and well in our own government.

When Jews, Christians, Priests, Infidels are being slaughtered and murdered, and churches are being burned down did you ever wonder why the so called peaceful moderate Muslims, never speak out against these atrocities? Europe is losing the battle and America in less than a generation will be next. Where is the condemnation from the nearly 3 Million Muslims that are here, have you heard a word from them? Their silence speaks volumes on their real intent to destroy us from within and have no intention of ever living within our culture.  They want Sharia law in America today folks, and they will not rest until they achieve that goal.. They want to wage war against freedom and democracy and have America continue to make concessions for them.  You give them “one inch” and they will take a mile in support of their goals to establish Islam as the dominate religion in America and for the eventual mandate for Sharia law to take over our court system.

Sharia law is a real threat to America’s freedom folks. They just accomplished that fact, in England this week. We can learn a lot from just watching what is taking place in London.  Let them move to Saudi if they want Sharia.

Islam is a political ideology; it is the antithesis of a free society.  It is a backward, savage, primitive, political ideology, denounce it for what it really is. One generation of silence on the issue due to political correctness is all it takes.

What you do today and tomorrow will affect your children and grandchildren and future generations of America, yet unborn, you have a responsibility toward them..  Stand up and be counted to defeat this real threat from within.  Voice your opinion, let your congressmen, senators and school boards know how you feel on the issue. Our freedom and liberty is at stake, be part of the solution folks. Do not be silent.

It is not racist, to believe in your country, your people and your culture America. Forget about being labeled and simply do what is right for America.  We need a permanent solution, time is running out.  Let us not become the next Europe.  As for me I refuse to be silent on the issue.  One person can make a difference, but think if were united, what a difference we can make to turn back the tide and doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Enough is enough folks, if you do just one thing today, Google “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” and see for yourself their intent to destroy America from within.  My goal is to  wake up America and make as many people aware of this issue. Thank you, and please forward this to as many friends and neighbors as you can.  Thanks and feel free to comment if you agree or disagree. opinions.

Islam and Sharia law are definitely the “jugular vein” issues facing the World and America today.  May God Bless America.

For the most part in America today, parents are busy, many are working two jobs, just to survive, and raise their families. They have no time for almost anything else, let alone time for researching Islam and the Quran..  I am 70 years old, have three children, 4 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Now I have time for research and the Internet has really helped people on subjects they knew little about years ago, including me.

Years, ago I was that person with no time, never even thought about Islam, Quran or Muslims and what was taking place with them in the World. Just take a glance at Europe and you will see what is gradually taken place in America today.

Nowadays, one is called a bigot, racist or some type of phobia, if you dare speak out. And much of the information is suppressed because of political correctness or adversity. No one wants to take a stand, for fear of being labeled.  So much of the truth gets suppressed now due to not wanting to offend anyone. They are taking over our youth, schools, textbooks,  universities and even our local, state and federal government. The amount of home grown radicals grows each day in America, take a serious look around you.

Are there good Muslims and people that follow Islam in America, for sure there are, but their voices are silent, for fear of the radicals that preach, death to all infidels or they believe it themselves. And within the Quran, they cannot even leave their religion, or be subject to death. I have listened to the arguments both pro and con from Christians and Muslims on the subject of the Quran and Islam, There is a dearth of information on both sides.

However, when one opens their eyes, and just takes a look at what is going on in Europe with Islam/Muslim takeover of towns, cities and countries, the alarm is ringing loud and clear, and not enough people are doing anything to stop or prevent the growth, as it gradually infiltrates our system and young minds, by penetrating our schools and universities and gradually erodes the foundation of America.


I have been doing extensive research on the Muslim Brotherhood, The Project, and the Quran, Islam and their stealth invasion and infiltration into America society. Most people do not have the time to realize what is taking place. Radical Islam is gaining a foothold, into our schools, universities and government. They will not stop until they have Islam and Sharia law embedded in America. (If you do no research on your own, just Google “The Muslim Brotherhood Project”, a real eye opener.)

In fact I encourage you to do your own reach and form your own opinions and conclusions.

Under criminal Sharia, punishment includes flogging, stoning, beheading, and amputation of limbs — cruel and unusual punishment by Western and humane standards. Leaving Islam is punishable by death. If the State fails to kill an apostate, his death is guaranteed at the hands of a street mob. Females are subjected to atrocities under Sharia law, that has been well documented.

That makes Islam more than a religion; it is a one-party state; and also an elaborate legal system, called Sharia, that can put you to death if you leave Islam.

Over the past few decades, away from the scrutiny of the world, a very dangerous form of Islam has been systematically propagated all across the globe, thanks to the generous petrol-dollar funding of the Arab states of the Middle East.  At the heart of this radical Islam is the dream of the Caliphate”, that President George Bush alluded to in many of his speeches. The War against Terror is still very real.

Islam in its current form does not support either secular or democratic rule of law. Islam is inherently intolerant and violent towards non-Muslims and also towards any kind of dissent.  Those moderate Muslims that claim that Islam is a religion of peace, do not represent the large majority, many of whom are simply lying and misleading the world, as the Quran permits this.

As one does more research into Islam and the Quran it will literally shock you, to see in the name of Allah all disbelievers and non Muslims, under jihad are to be killed, they will kill all infidels. It is no longer open to any real debate. The recent killings of infidels by radical Islamic Muslims in the “Mall” in Kenya, should have wakened everyone up because it could be one of our Malls in America next.

What is stake is not America’s image among the Muslims, but the future of the world. I have asked several of our priests what can we do.  The answer is always the same, pray. Yes, you can pray and love your neighbors that too is a good approach, but perhaps not the safest,

Millions were slaughtered and “gassed” at Auschwitz, in the Nazi concentration camps, while many prayed. It took the Armed Forces of America to save, literally the World from Hitler.

“When good men and women do nothing, evil always win”, it’s that simple. Winston Churchill recognized the evil in radical Islam and the followers of the Quran very early.

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalisticapathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.
A degraded sensual ism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine,
must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.” Sir Winston Churchill; (Source: The River War, first edition,Vol. II, pages 248-50 London)

If one takes his comments today, he can be given all the credit of predicting the fall of Europe under Muslim and Sharia law today.

So, join with me, to protect your children and grandchildren from radical Islam and Sharia law in America’s future. I personally, do not want to see that happen.

Again, don’t take my word, do your own research, form your own opinion about Islam, Quran and extreme Muslims.  In fact invite a few over for dinner and have a good conversation with them, there are good Muslims out there. Do you know one? Can you call them your friends and good neighbors? Why not?

As for myself and family I like some insurance, and that is why I have joined ACT.

So I’m asking you to join today.  Just what is act?

ACT! for America was founded by Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese immigrant who came to the United States after losing her country of birth to militant Muslim fundamentalists during the Lebanese Civil War.

ACT! for America is a non-partisan, non-sectarian organization whose mission is to give Americans concerned about national security, terrorism, and the threat of radical Islam, a powerful, organized, informed and mobilized voice.

Whether the specific threat is violent jihad, stealth jihad, the advance of sharia law, the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, or the scourge of political correctness which is enabling the rise of radical Islam, ACT! for America stands ready to take action as the largest national security grassroots organization in America.

Through informed community action, education, public policy initiatives and grassroots lobbying, ACT! for America is successfully combating the threat of radical Islam.

“ActforAmerica” is a non violent group, dedicated to stop the the threat of radical Islam in America.  Join me in this good cause today.

Please comment, would like to hear from you. (much of the research above was taken from numerous articles, and  debates over The Muslim Brotherhood, Muslims, Islam, Sharia Law and the Quran.) Pass this blog along. Thank Your

This was a recent news article, well worth reading. What your children

and grandchildren are learning in school these days.

Grandchildren, are wonderful, you can spoil them and give them back to your children.  

Recently, just had our 4th, baby Benjamin, the next generation of Lanfear’s. When raising children there are so many Moms and Dads out there that have to work ridiculous hours and never get a chance to enjoy their new born babies. It does not have to be like that.

Came across a couple, Andrew and Marie, who were able to stay at home, and raise their son. Impossible you say, not hardly.  Here is their phenomenal true story. 

Let me know what you think of their story and whether or not you would like to 
stay home with your children too.