At what point are you tired of “political correctness” and not being informed of the truth? When is enough, enough? It’s a fact that most Americans, are hard working, working two jobs, just to make ends meet and raise a family, and do not have time to do any research on the issue of Islam. I have tried to do that for you.

Are more Mosques in America, creating more “Anwar Awlaki’s”? Most of you should know that Anwar was an Inman, at a Mosque in Virginia and preached hate and violence toward America. Anwar was also a leader/trainer of al Qaeda, along with connections to the 9/11 incident and Ft. Hood bombings. Anwar followed the Quran. Guess what, the Mosque in Oklahoma, where a convert to Islam, also followed the Quran, had connections to Suhaib Webb, also an Inman at a Mosque. There are now over 2500 Mosques in America folks.

Remember ISIS/ISIL all have one goal, the caliphate, to establish Islam and the Sharia law with complete disrespect to all human life, that will not join Islam and they literally follow their Quran.

Megyn Kelley recently did a report on Fox News, on what goes on inside the Oklahoma Mosque and posted a picture of “Isam Suhaib Webb” connected to the Mosque and according to FBI reports, “Webb” an Iman (who tries to pass himself off as a so called moderate Muslim) had direct links to Anwar Awlaki, and joined al Qaeda, and fought alongside of Anwar. Webb is now all over the social media within America and as noted an Inman.

So now a few years has passed, and where does he show up, at a small college in Claremont, California called Bayan College, that teaches the future leadership of Muslims in America. With “Webb” a member of the faculty, what do you think he is teaching them, peace and love to America? I think not. This college needs to be investigated along with the faculty on the staff by someone. Sorry I am not politically correct. How was he even allowed back into America.?

And the more than 100 front organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, has infiltrated our towns, cities and schools and government. For an eye opener on their real plan to destroy America, by stealth jihad just Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” yourself, you need not take my word for the truth.

I have read the Quran and I wonder why Islam has not changed the “violent passages” that speak of death to you and me, and all others that are infidels or Christians. And non believers, in fact it does say to behead us. All the so called moderate Muslims are silent on the Quran, for fear of their own lives. Make no political correctness mistake about Islam.

How many more Anwar’s or Inman’s, like him, that preach hated and violence toward America are hiding in the Mosques, one is far too many in my book. We just might never know “under tolerance and political correctness”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, perhaps has said it best, based upon her own personal experiences as an ex Muslim “Violence is inherent in Islam”. Violence and beheading has already set foot In America, with the Oklahoma barbaric act of someone converted to Islam and simply studied and followed the Quran. Who will stop the next attack? Have we forgotten already the 9/11 terror attack in the name of Islam?

How can anyone connected to Islam, and faithfully follow their Quran, disagree with the facts. The silence of the majority my best educated guess at 80% of the Islam population, has been hijacked by the minority, who are savage and barbaric, but none the less follow the passages in the Quran. When will the majority step up to the plate? Or are they taught by all the Mosques to follow the Quran. When will we see full page ads, in every newspaper, radio and television by the majority, protesting the violent acts of the minority of Islam, when I ask you, when? The time is now or never.

Let us protect our children, and grandchildren and generations yet unborn from this imminent threat to America. When good men and women are silent, evil will always win folks. And these are my comments.