This eleven year old little leaguer could use your help, support, donations and prayers.  Dillion O Leary, was playing little league baseball for his home team in Pleasanton, California.  For some unknown reason he just collapsed at home plate, passed out and has not regained consciousness .  Dillion was transported by Helicopter to Oakland Children’s hospital, where he is fighting for his life in a coma.

The local channel 2 did an interview that you can click on the link below and review.

So many people have helped Dillion and his family from all around the World, would you please join and help also? I often think what if this was my son, grandson or close neighbor, what would I do?  Donations have been coming in from around the World, some children raised $11.00 from sale of lemonade for Dillion, an elderly lady gave $6.00 of her social security check and will give another $6.00 next month.  This is real folks, not a scam, so if you can help via prayers, support or donation.  Thank you and God Bless you.

Please pass this site along to as many family members and friends you have.