I have been a Catholic for over 70 years now, and a member of the Knights of Columbus for 30+ years

Your Holiness Pope Francis is the spiritual leader of the Catholic/Christian world, yet you seem to be silent on the atrocities being committed on our religion. Recently, in France, a Catholic Church that had few parishioners was sold off to the Muslims, why? Could you have not made that a monument to our Christian/Catholic faith instead?

As I write this the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK, is being taken over by the immigration of Muslims into the countries and although many are peace loving people, the violent radicals are taking over and controlling them and causing a drain on the economy of these nations along with demands that Sharia Law be established.

Something is wrong in the World, when our Priests, Jews and non Christians are being gunned down murdered throughout Europe in the name of “Allah’ and our churches are burned to the ground.  The “Church” seems not to address these issues at all at any of the lectures, or in print media, or let alone speak out against the violence.

How many more priests and innocent people will be murdered before our leaders speak up and say enough is enough, and condemn this violence in a united voice.?

Recently, in a Mall in Kenya, anyone that was not of Muslim/Islam faith was murdered.  Where is the Church outcry on this issue?  It seems we are silent, and that silence becomes an indirect endorsement, by way of default.

As for myself, I recently asked 3 priests, what more can be done, to stop the spread of violent radical Islam and those that follow a strict interpretation of the Qur’an. Most of the Priests agree, it is very sad, almost uniformly, their answer is to keep on with your prayers, and they avoid condemning what is taking place in Europe, and probably will approach the USA, very soon.

I have done a lot of research in this area, and naturally have prayed a lot also. While prayer is good, much more is needed, we need our leaders to speak out against this violence in uniformity throughout the World.

We simply cannot hide from this issue in the 21st Century, and just expect it to go away. It will only gain in strength and numbers and more violent acts and as a direct result the murdering of more innocent people.

On another front what can our Church do to bridge the gap between Islam and Christians and non believers of Islam?

I have given this some serious thought and here are just a few proposals and solutions of mine..

1. Joint conference of all the Bishops to direct the Church’s uniform response to this violence by radical Islamists.

2. More press releases and media attention, to denounce the violence.

3. Our priests to speak out against the violence.

4. More education in general and of the “poor”, especially of the young girls throughout the World, i.e., Sharia law

5. Somehow a seminar or symposium of how to get along with Muslims and people who follow the Qur’an.

6. Honest and open debates about Christians, Muslims, Jews and other religions.

7. Holiness Pope to visit Egypt/Iran/Iraq/France/India to preach the good news and condemn the violence against non Muslims, and non believers.

(As you well know, a literal interpretation of the Qur’an preaches, killing all non believers of Islam, and persons that want to leave that religion can be murdered according to the Qur’an. Let alone the effects of young girls and woman that must follow Sharia law.)

Something must be done now. We as Christians are simply not doing enough to stop the spread of the violence against our religion and others.

When was the last time, a Priest had lunch or dinner with a Muslim family to reach out and try to understand the other side?  In fact when I ask that question to hundreds of Catholics, the answer is never.  Why not? Could it be because they do not want to integrate into society, but rather dominate, once they get control? And they are forbidden by the Qur’an to integrate.

Within the Catholic Church I’m sure we have a few radicals, and I know that there must be many Muslims, that do not follow a strict interpretation of the Qur’an, and that there are good Muslims out there.  Many are silent for fear of their lives.

I will continue to pray and do my part to make people aware of the issue, even though it may not be “politically correct” and I might get labeled.  It matters not at my age now.  I want to stand up and be counted for what is good and right in America and the World.

 I want to give my children and grandchildren and future generations a better America and World that exists today.

Would very much like to hear your recommendation as to how to improve the situation, issues and violence, other than more prayer against the radical form of Islam and the strict followers of the Qur’an…

On a more personal note, thank you for setting an example for the World to follow. You have my sincere appreciation for focusing on the “poor” and the tightening of extravagant spending in the Vatican.

I will continue to pray and love my neighbor, but much more is needed, as evidenced from on going slaughter of priests and innocent people throughout the World.

Holiness Pope Francis we need your strong voice and help on these issues today.


Encourage all comments from all sides of the issues.