There are good Muslims in the World, however many are afraid to speak out, for fear of being murdered. We need their strong voices.

The Muslim Issue

We already know we are dealing with sub-human savagery whenever muslim subjects are brought up, but if this wasn’t so outrageous and sick it would almost seem a joke. Islam Net is a Norwegian Muslim organization founded by student Fahad Qureshi in 2008. As a “moderate” Muslim group in Norway, Islam Net held a peace conference (!) to discuss and resolve the kafirs ‘naive’  misconceptions about Islam. Only to unanimously vote for stoning as death penalty for adultery. See the video below in English.

We couldn’t make this up!

It’s peculiar how quick muslim men agree to support the death penalty and stoning for adultery. If they’d actually follow the laws they claim to support, few of them would be sitting in that hall raising their hands, or anything else for that matter. But then of course, in their mind that law is only applicable on women – or kafirs……

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