For sure the answer does Islam promote violence, has to be YES!

Take the time and do your own research.  Google “debates christian and Muslim” and form your own opinion.  After extensive research on this subject, I personally have concluded, that the Qur’an and Islam does promote violence.  The reason that most people in America have not taken the time to do their own research and gets their news from the politically correct bias news agencies, is quite simply this: most people are simply trying to make a living, some working two jobs, mom and dad raising the kids have no time, for serious research and debate.

I have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and one great grandson, and I was one of those people with no time to really seriously look into the threat of radical Islam and sharia law and the violence it promotes. Now I have the time to get to the truth.

“When good men and women are silent or do nothing, evil will always win”.  Over in Europe today, Christians, Jews, priests and all non believers are being murdered in the name of Allah, churches are being burned down in his name, by the radical Islam violence throughout the World.  What kind of an America, do you want for your children and grandchildren and future generations yet to come?  I for one will speak out against the spread of radical Islam in America.  If enough of us are willing to do that, and not worry about being labeled or so-called political correctness, you will make America, a better place for your children and grandchildren.

I encourage you to read the Qur’an and form your own opinion if it promotes violence.  Here is just one of many passages that promote the violence.  You cannot be a Muslim and not follow the Qur’an, its that simple.

9:29   . . .Fight those who do not believe . . .  2:256   … they should be fought until they are killed  “non believers”

Are you aware that Islam is responsible for over 200,000 genocides and slavery in Africa?  Where are the Muslim protests if any? 270 million killings in the name of “Allah”.  The war on terror still exists, and is very, very real folks. There are good Muslims, for sure, but they are afraid to speak up, and get murdered for retailiation, or leaving Islam.

Here is an honest debate between a Christian and a Muslim.  Encourage you do seek out the facts and the truth.

Finally, I want to share an inspirational story with everyone.  You may have seen her this past month on the news or in some articles.  Malala Yousafzai, is providing hope for girls everywhere to get an education.  She continues to receive death threats by the Taliban and was shot in the head.  She came very close to getting the Nobel Peace prize award.  Malala is not afraid to speak up, against Sharia law.

All across America today, the radical Muslims are making inroads into our schools, towns, universities, government and our students.  Many of school textbooks, especially in religion and history, no longer tell the truth about Islam, due to “political correctness” and the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and over 50 of there sub organizations in America, coupled with the powerful Saudi money to support them.  They operate by “stealth” within our borders now, and are training a new breed of home grown radicals.

Who will stop them?  Who will speak up? Before its too late in America.


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I encourage all comments and debate. please do so.