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Acid Attack on Mother and Child

Pictured above: A Muslim woman with her daughter, both acid attacked by a Muslim man.  This is an example of how ‘precious’ a Muslim woman is to a Muslim man.  Photo source: r.fraley

by, Rachel Molschky | Cherson and Molschky

“Our women are precious to us.” That is the typical Muslim response when asked about the treatment of women in Islam. Women are covered from head-to-toe because they are so “precious,” and in the West, domestic abuse is higher in the Muslim enclaves than in the neighborhoods of the natives because women in Islam are “valued so highly.” Female genital mutilation is apparently another way to demonstrate how women are treated like queens by their Muslim families, and getting flogged or even beheaded for getting raped also proves how special women are in the “religion of peace.”

Honor killings are another wonderful example of the treatment of women in Islam.Recently…

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