Something must be done. in 1970 in the United States there were about 100,000 Muslims.  Today there are over 9 million and climbing, in the USA.. A large portion want to have Sharia law in our country.  They can do this without lifting a sword or killing anyone, they have already started to infiltrate our schools, our journalism, our politics and our government in the name of political correctness. Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the World.

i so want to believe that the majority of Muslims are peaceful people like us. Unfortunately, I have read much of the Quran and found it not to be so. Their Bible teaches hatred, murder, and deception of the infidel. The Quran tells them to kill anyone who refuses to convert to Islam. Look at all the current murders and church burnings of Coptic Christians all over the world. They are following the Quran, folks! They say they aren’t, but the Quran also says it is alright to lie to non-Muslims, so they have no problem denying the very things they are doing. (Taking from a comment on another blog, that I agree with)

What kind of World do you want for your children and grandchildren? When good men and women do nothing, evil always wins.  Protect yourself and your family and America. 
I personally, will be forming a  non violent political action chapter here in Las Vegas, of which there our many Chapters throughout the United States, with the main goal, to defeat radical islam in the United States of America. Let me know if you want to join my team.

We must not live under Sharia law and radical Islam within our borders must be stopped now, their stated goals our to kill all infidels..
Watch this video, if there is any doubt about what will be taking place in the next few decades in the World.
Definitely, pray and take action today.
Will you join me to give your children and grandchildren, the America they deserve.? For those of you that live in another state, just contact me and I will put you in touch with a local Chapter to defeat Radical Islam and Sharia Law in America.
Contact me if you are interested.
Vivat Jesus