For some of you that are just started out on your Internet business, and are doing your diligent research, here is some good advice from my 12 years of experience. Here are 8 steps to help you decide on your new Internet business.

1.  Stay away from all companies without a physical presence in the USA.

2. Do your diligent research on the company, google the company, google company name along   with with scam or fraud.  Read all comments both pro and con.

3. If a person is trying to bring you in, ask for 3 referrals of persons they brought in who are  making money.  Ask for the phone numbers and call them up and    interview  them.   If the person says they “cannot give you that information because its private” then forget that company.

4. Stay away from start-ups, ie, there are hundreds of Internet businesses that pop up and launch every week.   Go with a company that has been around 5 years or more.  For instance a company by the name of ZeekRewards just got shut down by the Attorney General, for being a pyramid scheme, 600 million of distributors money tied up for years. Do not get “fooled” or caught up with the hype on the audio/video that you are watching on the video.  Take a one day cooling off period, think it over before joining after you have followed this advice.

5.  Stay away from Australian 1 and 2 up MLMs.  Stay away from “Cash Gifting“. Stay away from companies that do not have a “real product”.

6.  Take a course on marketing before joining any Internet Company. Knowing how to market is your most valuable asset in this business.

7.  Understand that over 97% of the people who join an Internet business, never make one dime,  and quit within  30-90 days or less.  They also waste a lot of money buying leads and running ads.

8.  Once you have decided on a legitimate Internet business, be consistent and persistent in your business, do not treat it as   a hobby.  Remember you are the CEO of your business, be honest and ethical at all times.

Never, never give up on your dreams and goal in life.  Continued success and good health for life.

Hope you found this useful and feel free to leave a comment.