McCarran International does a disservice to the visitors that fly into Vegas. With the money they spend, the airport taxes they pay, the restaurants and hotels they stay in. We should treat all of them “like gold”. For the airport to issue $100 tickets simply because the passenger made a choice as to whether or not he gets better service from a cabbie than a Uber driver is ridiculous. It is not fair or equitable to deny those passengers a ride to or from the airport from a Uber driver. Many are Vets, and retired people simply making ends meet, and Uber provides that extra income for them. People from all over the World now are using Uber, coming to Vegas and expecting their great, efficient, timely service. Someone should sue McCarran in a class action for denying passengers who paid for their flights, paid their taxes to the airport, and supported all the restaurants, and hotels and gaming industry in town. We should roll out the red carpet for visitors to Las Vegas, not discourage them

There are many Veternans and retired persons using Uber to supplement their income, why give free enterprise a hassle.


Take a Stand Today Tomorrow and Beyond for America.

Take a Stand Today , Tomorrow and Beyond for America.

What in the world is happening to our country?  Why should this be allowed under our laws against terrorists.? Over the weekend in front of a congregation of cheering members, he called out for 10,000 blacks to kill whites.  For years he has made no mistake about hating all whites. Farrakhan should be arrested immediately for being an active terrorist.  This is not freedom of speech.  Protestors in Ferguson last night called for an all out war.  So far nothing is being done to curtail his terrorist activities by the Obama administration.

Where is the condemnation across the country by the majority of blacks, the silence is deafening folks.  Naturally, his call will go unheeded by the majority, but none the less a call for 10,000 blacks to kill whites is a criminal act of terrorism, and he should be arrested and brought to justice immediately.

How much more terror do you want from this terrorist?

Furthermore, Farrakhan sites as authority as the leader of  Nation of Islam (NOL) the Quran no less.  Now is not the time to be politically correct, when good men and women are silent evil always prevails.  It is a very sad day in America, when hundreds of his parishioners cheer his speech.

This is not protected speech by an act of a terrorist, plain and simple, when he calls for 10,000 to kill whites. A young couple that tried to join ISIS was arrested under the terrorist act, so why not Farrakhan, who calls out to 10,000 blacks to kill whites?

Why is Farrakhan an exception under the Obama administration?

Enough is enough stand up and be counted against this terrorist act.

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Solar Energy Today Tomorrow and Beyond.

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